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RuPay Cards

Benefits of RuPay Card
The Indian market offers huge potential for cards penetration despite the challenges. RuPay Cards will address the needs of Indian consumers, merchants and banks. The benefits of RuPay debit card are the flexibility of the product platform, high levels of acceptance and the strength of the RuPay brand-all of which will contribute to an increased product experience.
    1. Lower cost and affordability :Since the transaction processing will happen domestically, it would lead to lower cost of clearing and settlement for each transaction. This will make the transaction cost affordable and will drive usage of cards in the industry.
    2. Customized product offering :RuPay, being a domestic scheme is committed towards development of customized product and service offerings for Indian consumers.
    3. Protection of information related to Indian consumers : Transaction and customer data related to RuPay card transactions will reside in India.
    4. Provide electronic product options to untapped/unexplored consumer segment : There are under-penetrated/untapped consumers segments in rural areas that do not have access to banking and financial services. Right pricing of RuPay products would make the RuPay cards more economically feasible for banks to offer to their customers. In addition, relevant product variants would ensure that banks can target the hitherto untapped consumer segments.
    5. Inter-operability between payment channels and products : RuPay card is uniquely positioned to offer complete inter-operability between various payments channels and products. NPCI currently offers varied solutions across platforms including ATMs, mobile technology, cheques etc and is extremely well placed in nurturing RuPay cards across these platforms.
Offers on RuPay Debit Card :
  • IRCTC cashback
  • Fuel Surcharge waiver
  • Concierge Services
  • Domestic Lounge access
  • Utility bill payment cashback